H 15
EX 23
XD 32
08th April 2023
12th May 2024
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Yooo! As soon as I heard this I knew I had to get it charted. Another phonk banger, if you've played my chart 'Enemies' you'll probably hear this is kinda similiar, like it's brother from another mother, you get me?

Anyway, this is also my first chart with Hard difficulty too! Big thanks to Trex for giving some tips on it and looking over it for me.

Also shout out to TheWay123, Ballinbino, Ricki and Scavengers for play testing and also giving feedback and suggestions. It's much appreciated.

Fixed movement after slider on the EX chart

UPDATE 12/05/2024 - Thanks Gav for pointing out I updated with the wrong chart lmfao
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Very Cool !
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Very cool chart on all difficulties, all have a nice flow, groovy tune too.
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