XD 70
30th April 2023
12th May 2023
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「symbol of arrogant/
chaos being/
burning wrath/
long live the demon lord//」

Easily one of the most unique compositions in the Artcore sphere out there that also seamlessly mixes in various other genres (with a heavy orchestral focus), creating one of the most epic cinematic-like experiences ever.

Genuinely glad I found the motivation to finish this, as committing to songs of this length (nearly 8 minutes!) is a big ask of the few neurons left in me.


5/12 - Fixed some recurrent mistimings, minor twisty track changes in the ending
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Awesome presentation, the flight path, the intense parts. Kudos!!
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Masterfully crafted.
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what an incredible fucking track path you crafted here.
I mean, chart's good, song's cool, but *the twisty track*

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