E 7
N 10
H 14
EX 19
XD 25
01st May 2020
07th March 2021
Uploaded by
Song length: 3:35 min.
Difficulty Rate:
- Easy = 7
- Normal = 10
- Hard = 14
- Expert = 19
- XD = 25

30th June 2020 Update
> Changed some patterns that was "unfair" for "Click To Move" players.
Based on 18 user-reviews
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Played on expert and it put the biggest smile on my face. It's plays freakin' brilliantly. Well done Zick
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Very cool! Would recommend!
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Really well done! Consistently charted, thank you for the great map!
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Really good. I played it on Expert, really fun.
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was one of the very first custom charts i ever played when customs first came out and it's still a very well done chart. it's not too difficult, the patterns are super fun and the song itself is amazing!
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Solid song. Zick is my go to for clean charts. Keep doing what you're doing.
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Terrible as an easy difficulty chart, not sure about the others. Way too many note taps in quick succession and quick switches between colors.
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Good stuff
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Good, classic fun. Neither Tokyo Machine, nor Zick will dissapoint you with this chart! A little on the tough side with lots of lane-swapping taps, but not too much to be fun c:
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A good full-diff chart! great work!
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One of the best charts out there! Very refreshing song and very fair chart. It also helps that you've included every difficulty!
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