XD 56
28th December 2020
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Since July 26 I have uploaded a total of 70 solo charts to SpinShare. Each one, in my opinion, got better than the last. I have nearly 1000 hours in the game at this point, 5 months in, averaging 200 hours a month. When I heard this one, it felt fitting for a final end of year project, so that is what I set out to do.

I appreciate everyone playing my charts and giving me feedback, as well as all of you that continue to enjoy them (even the older ones!). With this chart I'll be taking a break from charting for at least a week, maybe some more. This chart was a grind and I want some time to relax and not look at the editor lol.

"When you fall to your lowest, may you be met in the Valley of Voices. Where the Last Angel will Sing."
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