H 17
EX 33
XD 65
16th March 2021
01st January 2022
Uploaded by
Time for some good ol Camellia. I thought it was fitting to give this song 3 diffs, as it's the titular song of his latest album (as of chart release).

also wakcy background go bkhkbhbhbhbkkb (update 11 nerfed the bg :sadge:)

H - Diff 17
Ex - Diff 33
XD - Diff 65

Update 3/18: Added soft beatholds, misc tweaks
Update 3/31: More soft beatholds, new background, changes for tournament.
Update 6/15: Minor tweaks to patterns for better flow and to better fit the song.
Update Jan 2022: Tweaks for controller, minor changes
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