E 3
N 8
H 15
EX 25
XD 37
08th June 2021
16th July 2021
Uploaded by
Dama & Ballinbino collab! Bino did a great job with his sections! Also, thanks to everyone who playtested: cosmos, Alexicographic, ubibaba, Steven of Astora, Kadd, juch, Ricki & Sara, Prog, fallin... I always feel like I forget someone.

This chart has some short spins but they're doable and fun to hit, I think! Also, note: THERE IS A SCRATCH AT THE END OF THE CHART! I'm warning you now. It's after a long spin, so it might catch you off guard if you think the song is over!

Updated 07/16/21: Took out a couple of beats on very faint drum sounds
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