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07th December 2021
17th January 2022
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Happy Holidays Dama! I used to sneak listening to this song as a guilty pleasure as a teen, so I had to chart it. Bonus secret santa chart cause I was looking at the list (: Feedback as usual, thanks!

Also thanks for play testing every diff Steven!'

Update 7-12-21: I uploaded the wrong backup with no background or preview, woops

Update 8-12-21: Nerfed hard a little and raised rating.

Update 17-1-22: Nerfed hard a bit more sorry leader boards
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how did i not review this yet wtf
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Love it!
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Thank you Crooky~ This chart turned out so good!!
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You're toxic I'm slipping under~~~

Thanks for making multi diff Crooky i love ittt :D
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Its Britney bitch
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I love crooky charts 🥰
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guilty pleasure music is always the best kind of music
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