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07th July 2020
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The third opening from One Piece, "Hikari E"! This is my first chart, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Edit 1(7/7/2020): Thanks to pdinius's great feedback, I was able to make a few edits to make this chart play better.
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Not bad for a first chart! There are several little things to watch out for that might make it even better though - at the end of measure 20 you have a spin that ends with a "Note End". Unless you have a VERY good reason to do that in the music and there's lots of time afterwards before the next tap or match, just delete those note ends and let the spins end with the next tap (you have another that ends with a match which will never feel as good as a tap though it's not as problematic as the spin that just ends).

Also, there's a couple things like measure 30 where you have a right angle movement on the tap hold right before it ends which is always going to look awkward and play awkwardly. The liftoff already marks that end of that held note so the final right angle move isn't really necessary.

Beyond that there are little style things that might make it feel better like having a spin, tap hold, or scratch when you have beat holds so they aren't just out by themselves or using quick color switches more sparingly (ex. your intro could go smoothly without making the player turn the wheel to switch colors for the first half, and then start requiring the movement after a couple measure to develop the pattern instead of keeping it the same for such a long time).

Overall, good work! Looking forward to what you chart next :)
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