she/her Ellite
Ahoy!! 我ら宝鐘海賊団☆ (Full Version) ‐ Houshou Marine
Forgive my excessive use of force, but you leave me no choice, my friend, SUMO ATTACK
WHAT THE CAT! ‐ Camellia
Time Traveler ‐ Knower
Go backwards!
Baka Mitai ‐ Takaya Kuroda
Courtesy ‐ Chipzel
Way harder than a 21 Expert, i'd rate this a 28
Stand Up And Shout ‐ Dio
A very good full-diff chart! Definitely one to have in your collection!
Schein ‐ Peter Hajba
Whoa I'm In Space Cuba ‐ Jake Kaufman
Jontron sings I Will Always Love You ‐ Jontron
Finally, an expert chart
Everbody Gangsta Til the Pants Start Walkin ‐ FrankJavCee
the pants started walking, no longer gangsta
Into the Zone ‐ Shirobon
Credits ‐ Frums
Katapult ‐ Mike Forst
Great chart! Has good flow, and as the tag says, very ctm/turntable friendly!
GPU Stress Test ‐ GPU Burner
this chart this art is a masterpiece. It is the artist's magmum opis You can see that the artist was so detailed... people think its cringy but it isn't it's something deep it's a very inspiring chart and the reason why i stand up from my bed everyday that is on pair with the mona lisa and other masterpieces this represents the struggle of people that are suffering from gender dysphoria this art is the reason that motivates me to get out of bed and do something this is the best chart ive ever seen in my entire life
EPIC ‐ Tokyo Machine
A good full-diff chart! great work!
Context (Pt 1) ‐ Haywyre
Through the Fire and Flames ‐ Dragonforce
Card Title
This card was given out to every player of the Spring 2020 SpinShare Speen Open tournament.
Card Date