Mantis Lords ‐ Christopher Larkin
take all my geo
Ghosts 'n' Stuff ‐ deadmau5
I am so glad you charted this!
Stinger ‐ RL Grime & ISOxo
Amazing map!
All I Need ‐ Slushii
Greta tune, great chart!
Only Way Out ‐ Madeon
I really liked this one
687 Days ‐ David Maxim Micic
Good map! I appreciate the accessible XD difficulty and also love the music
Nemesis ‐ MUZZ
Amazing! Hardest "Hard" map I've ever played
Algorithm ‐ Muse
We really need more XD-entry level charts like this one, good job!
Internet Boy ‐ Dion Timmer
Really good chart (played on EX)
Adventure Time ‐ Rogue
The quality of the map (I played Hard) is on par with the main game
Barracuda ‐ Noisestorm
I could see this being the hardest chart in the main game!
Havana ‐ Camila Cabello
Cool map!
Mayday ‐ The FatRat (ft. Laura Brehm)
Great map and great song!
Miku ‐ Anamanaguchi/Hatsune Miku
very nice map and song! Finally an easy Ex for us mortals
Ylang Ylang ‐ Fkj
I love it! Thank you for making this
SWEET³ ‐ Sugar & Co. (ANK feat.熊子)
Great mapping! Really fits the mood of the song
The Baddest ‐ K/DA
Amazing, kinda tough though..
Crab Rave ‐ Noisestorm
I love it!
Stand Up And Shout ‐ Dio
Best map ever!
Wake Up (RIOT VIP) ‐ RIOT & Kayzo
Great map! Really challenging even on hard for me, and I love the song.
Card Title
This card was given out to every player of the Spring 2020 SpinShare Speen Open tournament.
Card Date