he/him metalman20
Saucy ‐ Polyphia
Bad Apple!! Fusion Collab ‐ Jerrystuff (Ro) & LiterallyNoOne
This was quite the collab and is still a song i like to go back to and play every now and then!!!!
Wolves of the Sea ‐ Antti Martikainen
This song is so epic and fun!!!!
Feel It Still ‐ Portugal. The Man
One of my favorite songs to listen to on the radio and i'm really happy to see this as a custom chart. Really fun to play!!!!
GHOST ‐ nelward
I don't believe in dinosaurs, but i know ghosts are real
Lay Down ‐ Priestess
This was one of my favorite songs from Guitar Hero 3. Really glad to see this custom charted and it's a lot of fun too!!
Trombone Skyze (Baboon Mix) ‐ Holy Wow
This chart is amazing in every way!
Ping! 2 ‐ Exyl
This song is so good and the chart is really fun to play!!
Rude Buster (Camellia Remix) ‐ Toby Fox
this chart is so good. it's very brutal in its difficulty and yet it's really fun!!!!
Drop The Fire ‐ Kasai Harcores
This song is really good and has a lot of fun patterns, especially during the second half!!!!
Spin Eternally ‐ Camellia
The spinning never stops!!!!!!
Crab Rave ‐ Noisestorm
Always a fun chart to come back to and dance/play to!!!
Ghosts 'n' Stuff ‐ deadmau5
This song and chart are so good!!!!
RUSH E ‐ Sheet Music Boss
This whole chart is a freaking masterpiece. Thank you for this!!!!!
Exit This Earth's Atomosphere ‐ Camellia
Me Water Bottle ‐ Rhys Shelly Jones
not me water bottle
DJ Mashiro Is Dead or Alive ‐ Ice
Still difficult and super fun to this day!!
Work ‐ Teminite
almost a year later and this chart is still really fun to play!!!
Go Go Money ‐ Neo
I'm not sorry, I can agree with this chart!
Propane ‐ Eptic
this chart..............pretty good!
The Top ‐ Ken Blast
months later and this song is still really fun to play. fun sections, not too difficult but not too easy either!!!
2k9 battle jam (Kastor Remix) ‐ Meganeko
the fact that the bass solo was charted with both colors being the two different bass sections is incredible!!! one of my favorite songs from this album!!!
Crescent ‐ Anomalie
the piano sound so good and there's so many sections that are a lot of fun to play!!!!
ASGORE ‐ Toby Fox
I mean it's a song from Undertale, what's not to love!!! the music is incredible and this song is definitely one of the best and the chart is amazing. decent difficulty. has you test your beat note capabilities and it's overall a really fun time!!!
3 months later and this song is still really fun to play!!
it's so much fun with some tricky patterns!
Go Go Money ‐ Neo
i just can't agree with this chart
Disorder (Rebirth) ‐ RIOT
over a month later and this song is still amazing. it may be tricky but it's got really fun patterns and some sections that are super satisfying to hit
Freedom Dive ‐ xi
you want an insanely difficult song that ridiculous, super fast and super freaking fun to play, then my god you've found it right here!!!!!!
EPIC ‐ Tokyo Machine
was one of the very first custom charts i ever played when customs first came out and it's still a very well done chart. it's not too difficult, the patterns are super fun and the song itself is amazing!
Revolution ‐ Armin van Buuren & Luke Bond
it was everything i hoped it would be and the ending is pretty challenging and very satisfying!!
Pristine ‐ Laur
if i had to compare the two (original chart and this one) i have to say i love this a lot more. the sections feel a lot more fair in a lot of places and while other sections got a bit tougher, it's still a of fun to play!!
Big Blue ‐ Nintendo
the chart is super well done, the guitar/sax solos are incredible and it's super fun to play!!!!
Context (Pt 1) ‐ Haywyre
really fun chart, patterns aren't too difficult and the song is a pretty good jam as well!
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This card was given out to every player of the Spring 2020 SpinShare Speen Open tournament.
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