Atmosphere ‐ Stessie
Excellent chart! Very tricky beat holds but great fun to master :)
Excellent and fun.
Ruby ‐ Synthion & Milkoi
It's a fun chart BUT you said it's been made CTM friendly. I didn't go through the whole chart but the very beginning where you have a series of tap match tap match etc. the matches need to be on the opposite side they are now for this to be CTM friendly. Matches should always be in the same lane as the next tap and you put them all in the same lane as the previous tap which is quite awkward.
Dystopia 2077 ‐ F.O.O.L & The Forgotten
THIS IS EXCELLENT - the constant color swaps during matches are way too excessive but ignoring that I think this chart is siiick.
You ‐ Mystery Skulls
Super smooth chart! I really enjoyed this one :D
Unstoppable ‐ Teminite
Really fun chart! I have one issue - twice you make the player move right after doing a liftoff. The first time you do it is the real problem, measure 72 you have a liftoff from a red slider and then immediately have a blue tap that was very unexpected.

Besides that I have two suggestions you can take or leave. The first is something you did a handful of times, the first one is right before measure 5 starts you end a spin with a red on one side, and then a beat later have a blue slider start on the other side. I would highly suggest making the tap blue and either leaving it on the left requiring movement (and more movement = more fun) or make it in the same lane as the upcoming slider and then the player would be doing the same thing they are now, but it's easier to read. The other suggestion is just less beat holds. You use them a ton and the liftoffs are often arbitrary in order to prepare for the next beat hold making timing difficult.

You should really join the discord channel to get more feedback and have dialogues about charts! Apologies if you already joined as I couldn't find you on there.
Buff Marvin ‐ Opiuo
There are some backwards spins and some matches on beats that are tricky to read (and unnecessary I think) but the chart is REALLY fun. Love this song and I'm glad that the chart was a real pleasure to play :)
Panic! Pop'n! Picnic! ‐ Umeboshi Chazuke
Comically hard but a pretty good chart! I enjoyed it at 50% speed ;)
Futuro ‐ Raider
The chart starts out really nice! However, leading up to the first drop (and especially during the drop) there are lots of oddly shaped slides that are very difficult to read. There are also double beats very close together which are physically difficult as well as some fast lane switching that isn't very CTM friendly. I think it wouldn't take much to make this really fun chart but it's too difficult to read, currently.
Heat Wave ‐ Tony Romera
I'll like this chart but with a big caveat. There's something that seems to be prevalent in all your charts - you have taps that require the player to move to them and click basically simultaneously. It's MUCH smoother to have your matches work out so that the last match lines you up for the tap or else have some time before the tap so you can realign the wheel. Besides that my only other serious issue is that you should edit the track a little so there isn't 15 seconds from the last spin action until the results screen. Really though, I played through all four of your charts and I'm very impressed with the progression I can see! Keep making charts!! :)
Hikari E ‐ The Babystars
Not bad for a first chart! There are several little things to watch out for that might make it even better though - at the end of measure 20 you have a spin that ends with a "Note End". Unless you have a VERY good reason to do that in the music and there's lots of time afterwards before the next tap or match, just delete those note ends and let the spins end with the next tap (you have another that ends with a match which will never feel as good as a tap though it's not as problematic as the spin that just ends).

Also, there's a couple things like measure 30 where you have a right angle movement on the tap hold right before it ends which is always going to look awkward and play awkwardly. The liftoff already marks that end of that held note so the final right angle move isn't really necessary.

Beyond that there are little style things that might make it feel better like having a spin, tap hold, or scratch when you have beat holds so they aren't just out by themselves or using quick color switches more sparingly (ex. your intro could go smoothly without making the player turn the wheel to switch colors for the first half, and then start requiring the movement after a couple measure to develop the pattern instead of keeping it the same for such a long time).

Overall, good work! Looking forward to what you chart next :)
Cut the Kid ‐ Madeon
Some really good charting here - lots of very fun sections and patterns. The 24 difficulty doesn't tally with 24 difficulty on official tracks but that's par for the course with customs. I think there's a mild overuse of beat holds but that's just my taste and something seemingly unavoidable with custom charts. All in all though, this is very well thought out and executed.
Lightspeed ‐ MDK & Sterrezo
Might be fun if 90% of the taps were matches. It's got a lot of good ideas but the beat hold is used excessively and almost every note is a tap which makes it almost impossible even if you're not CTM.
Crescent ‐ Anomalie
REALLY good chart. Quite difficult but very playable. Very impressed
EPIC ‐ Tokyo Machine
Good stuff
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