he/him TheBlockiest
scrumptious chart
εxceζ ‐ Aoi
pseudonymph [MODCHART] ‐ nitro (as "のの")
waiter! more ↹ please!
Archive vol.1 (Full Album) ‐ Aice room, Nor
pretty fun yeah
ready2flow ‐ CubeNatural & Metaroom
good flow 👍
Rolling Down The Street, In My Katamari ‐ Fearofdark
Dance on Fire - Retribution ‐ Magic Hammer
Tooth and Claw ‐ Animals as Leaders
1, 2, 3, 4! ‐ Cansol
SAVIOR ‐ telebasher
Final Boss ‐ BASHI BOIZU
a perfect conclusion to this very cool showcase :]
Crystal ‐ takatin
very cool chart that expresses the song expertly! two things tho:
- having hold notes start 1/16 division after the previous hold note ends feels a little uncomfy
- while i like the short spins with abrupt stops, having a spin cut off right before another spin can be visually dense & awkward
SRXD is pretty generous with both of these things, but its something to consider :)
Squirrel ‐ Losi
i really liked the original squirrel chart. this one's even better :)
this chart sucks 👍
Sayonara Cosmonaut ‐ AAAA, Umeboshi Chazuke
awesome chart :)
this chart makes me want to drink snepis, good stuff
i've still got something to teach you ‐ Vylet Pony
Tyler Ninja Fortnite Epic games Blevins ‐ Tyler Ninja Fortnite Epic games Blevins
stuck in the Blevimulation
Unreachable ‐ Aceman
While I can appreciate you mapping the song in all 5 difficulties, the charts are riddled with flow issues. There are backwards spins throughout them, and there are movements after liftoffs that would be terrible on CTM or turntable. The match patterns also feel really weird. I get that you are trying to map them exactly, but it doesn't play the greatest.

However, I also noticed that you are not in the Discord server, which I would honestly have to recommend. I was able to get a lot of help and critique with my first chart, and I think that you could benefit from it as well. If you update the charts respectively, I will undoubtedly change my rating, but for now, I cannot recommend it.
Time's Scar ‐ Yasunori Mitsuda
Fun chart to a good song.
Card Title
This card was given out to every player of the Spring 2020 SpinShare Speen Open tournament.
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