Unstoppable ‐ Teminite
awesome chart dude!~
A Fool Moon Night ‐ THE KOXX
really excellent chart! very fun to play!
Timeless ‐ Geoxor
this would be a perfect chart if it had a background
The Top ‐ Ken Blast
eurobeat goodness. flawless chart!
Mirai Sekai ‐ Varien & 7 Minutes Dead
beautiful chart, anyone and everyone should experience this EP and this is the perfect format to do so in! great work tree <3
Breakout ‐ Noisestorm
flawless chart, 5/5. nearly pfc'd on first try which speaks to the quality of map. perfect difficulty as well for new xd players but still entertaining for veterans
Freedom Dive ‐ xi
impossible chart, 10/11
Kinetic ‐ The Crystal Method
great chart! despite its length being a bit over my preferred length, it kept it fresh the entire time.
Panic! Pop'n! Picnic! ‐ Umeboshi Chazuke
really good chart! nice work ambi ~~~
Prom Night ‐ Anamanaguchi
not perfect, but still a great chart and quite fun for a play! keep it up!
Cut the Kid ‐ Madeon
quite literally a flawless chart, plays beautifully.
Everbody Gangsta Til the Pants Start Walkin ‐ FrankJavCee
i haven't played the chart but in my professional opinion, it is very good
Flicker ‐ Porter Robinson
an excellent chart for an excellent song :)
Konga Conga Kappa ‐ Danny Baranowsky
flows great, superbly satisfying chart
Pigstep ‐ Lena Raine
great expert chart! got unique and fun gameplay, would recommend!
Λ 02 — Daybreak ‐ Anomalie
smoothest sliders in the business ~~~ serious good chart, would highly recommend!
Viyella's Memory ‐ Laur
this one is extremely fun, but definitely for high-level players only. brutal streams and pretty technical patterns fill the chart and make for an amazing experience. Song is crazy good too
Experiment ‐ Laur
seriously fun chart, would highly recommend it!
Space Invaders (REVAMPED, Outdated) ‐ Teminite & MDK
Great chart! Fun to play, good background choice, and great song!
Card Title
This card was given out to every player of the Spring 2020 SpinShare Speen Open tournament.
Card Date